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Annual physicals are preventive exams that help your primary care physician (PCP) stay on top of your health and check for early indicators of chronic diseases. Sally Thomas, DO, of Thomas Family Practice, has an extensive background in overall wellness offers comprehensive annual physicals for men, women, and children. Book your next annual exam at this Houston-based practice by calling or clicking on the online scheduling feature.

Annual Physicals Q & A

Do I need a physical every year?

Yes! Annual physicals aren’t sick visits, these scheduled appointments are a time for you and your family physician to evaluate your overall health — from head to toe. Even if you have no complaints and continue to have normal exams and test results, you still require an annual check-up.

For instance, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for women and men in the United States and accounts for approximately one in four fatalities. This cardiac condition develops over time, not overnight, and can cause increased blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Your annual physicals are a time for Dr. Thomas to catch these early warning signs. Then, hopefully, by making the lifestyle changes she recommends — like getting more exercise — you can resolve these issues before they cause serious heart complications.

What happens during an annual physical?

The team at Thomas Family Practice tailors your annual physical to your overall health and other factors like age. If you have concerns, including bowel issues or chronic pain, tell Dr. Thomas during your exam, so she can customize your testing.

In most cases, annual physicals for you and your family include:

  • Evaluations to determine body mass index (BMI)
  • Blood pressure and pulse checks
  • Lung function evaluations
  • Laboratory blood or urine testing
  • Head-to-toe physical evaluations

Annual physicals are also the best time to get caught up on essential vaccinations, including the flu shot. Or if your little one needs certain shots for school or sports, they can get these vaccines during their well-child physical.

How much does routine lab testing cost?

Dr. Thomas and the team at Thomas Family Practice offer competitive and affordable pricing for annual physicals and essential laboratory testing. Here is a list of typical prices for some of the most common testing services.

Physical Exam Panel

  • Complete Metabolic Panel $20
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) $20
  • Lipid Panel $20
  • Thyroid (TSH) $15
  • Urinalysis $10

Well Women's Exam

  • Pap Smear $75
  • BV Panel (BV, Yeast, Trichomonas) $100
  • HPV $60

Your insurance provider may cover some of the charges, and that could save you even more. The team makes sure you know about any additional costs involved in your comprehensive preventive care.

Schedule your annual physical at Thomas Family Practice by clicking on the online scheduler, or by calling the clinic.